Dominican Wedding Traditions

As with any culture, there are many specific wedding customs in the Dominican Republic. These include pre-wedding incidents like marriage showers and bachelorette parties, along with unique traditions that are performed during the wedding itself.

One notable aspect of domonican wedding party customs is that the few does not bring items with all of them on their special day. Instead, friends and family check out the household of the handful of before the commemoration to present their own items to them.


As well, unlike other civilizations that have huge wedding parties with bridesmaid and groomsmen, domonican lovers often pick a child, usually a boy, to cart the aval (holder with 13 coins) and jewellery throughout the aisle. This symbolises their offer to share all their possessions with one another and to support their new spouse.

Another practice involves the couple’s “godparents. ” These are known as mis padrinos and madrinas, and they function as their guardians and mentors through the entire union. They may help guide the couple and give advice, dominican mail order wife as well as economically support all of them by any means they can.

At the end of this ceremony, the few is serenaded by the groom with a song or poem. This is known as a ceremonia cantada and it helps to get everyone in to the spirit with the event.

After the feast day, guests will be treated into a feast of traditional meals. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2023/02/02/key-findings-about-online-dating-in-the-u-s/ Regular dishes contain sancocho, arroz con chico and carne asada. Desserts can include flan, bizcochos and tres leches wedding cake. Refreshments this sort of seeing that refrescos and rum-based cocktails like ponche crema are also served throughout the night.

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